To stand out from the rest by making a difference that will earn all pupils of this school respect in society.


To lovingly prepare and equip pupils with education that enables individual learners to acquire knowledge and to mould discipline leaders of tomorrow. To help each pupil discover, nurture and perfect different talents in areas of art, science, language and sport. To instill values of hard work, accountability and spiritual growth and by so doing create future mentors for the youth. To partner with parents and teachers in our never ending pursuit of excellence through the provision of quality and affordable education.


The school is located 25 km from the Nairobi CBD along Ngong Road near Ngong town.


Greenyard Junior School was started 21 years ago as a nursery school and has since grown into a fully fledged pre-school and primary schools. The school has had Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates since 2004 with pupils performing well and earning places in top national and provisional school such as Lenana, Mangu Moi Forces Lanet etc. Moving forward most of our candidates have done us proud not only in their results but also in discipline and leadership qualities as they continue in secondary schools and university levels.


The school’s pre-school program is based on Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) while our primary is based on the 8.4.4 system as part of our desire to provide wholesome education we have also incorporated other non examinable subjects such as Art & Craft, Music, information communication technology (ICT) and French. Other extracurricular activities include a brass band, drama, Taekwondo and various sport activities.