1. Children are not allowed to carry to school food, fruits, snacks or money for personal use.
2. Wearing of school uniform is compulsory. All children are expected to turn out smartly dressed in full clean uniform and parents are          advised to mark all items clearly for identification. Rubber shoes are not allowed.
3. Lunch and snacks are compulsory and no special diet is provided.
4. Pupils’ hair must be kept clean, plaited, combed or trimmed to size at all times.
5. Nail polish, lipstick or any other forms of decorative substances and ornaments are not allowed in school.
6. Physical Education (P.E) uniform is compulsory and must be worn daily during the period.
7. Pupils must be provided with proper school bags.
8. Parents/Guardians must supervise their children’s assignments.
9. Insubordination, truancy, stealing, bullying or any other use of dirty language will not be tolerated and the culprits will be punished or         expelled from the school depending on the degree or weight of the action.
10. All suggestions or complaints about the school should be brought to the attention of the administration without delay.