The word  taekwondo- do means the art of foot and hands as the way of life.Taekwondo-do is a basic form of self defense, sport game, mental health and physical fitness game.Why a child need to learn taekwondo.

1.   Self discipline self respect and self esteem.

2.   Self defense.

3.   Sport

Self discipline self respect and self esteem.

Taekwondo-do emphasizes moral development and children learn to respect themselves and others, heightened concentration and increased self discipline and self esteem.School grades improve as your child learns to focus on objective and ability to work towards achievements.Your child self esteem highly improved as the child learn to trust in him/herself, solve challenges amicable and eventually develop an indomitable spirit which simply means I can do what others can do better than them, and face what they can’t dare with confidence.


Taekwondo-do is a modern Olympic game. By training hard and the right way. Your child can became a champion at early age by representing our country in the games. Imagine being a parent of a champion, the joy and the package that goes with the tittle.

Self defense

Self defense is the art of using the right techniques to free from a potential danger. This may include yelling, chopping or un-grabbing.

We can’t trust people to take care of our children and on other hand we are not with them every minute, so the only way is equipping them with skills and techniques to safe themselves and their families as well.


At Greenyard Taekwondo club we train this sport from the age of four years and above.


1)Physicaltraining: – it involves light exercises that help to strengthen muscles, bones and enables a child to grow strong and healthy.

2)Pattern: – this movement helps the child to practice the mind and build high contraction as a result a child develops mental fitness.

3)Punchandkicks:-This practice help on balance and focus, flexibility and creativity in a child.

4)Sparringgrading: – Competition helps to build up courage and confidence.

Our instructors are highly trained and we always emphasize on cleanliness, discipline, hard work and drug free life.