Who We Are?


I wish to send warm greetings to all our esteemed parents/guardians past and present not to
mention our dear pupils and teachers.

It gives me much pleasure to have this opportunity to try and tell the story of Greenyard
Junior School which started 22 years ago. So many things will be left unsaid and I sincerely
do not know where to start. Allow me to start by thanking the Almighty God for He has been
Ebenezer. There is no doubt in my mind that it has taken the faithful hand of God to bring us
this far.

Baby Greenyard Junior School was conceived in the course of 1992 which was eight years
after moving to Ngong. Prior to our coming to Ngong in 1985, we lived in a small house
hence the burning desire to build a big house. By 1992 our children had left home for
boarding schools. Almost suddenly our big warm house felt cold and lonely.

My husband and
I started nursing the idea of moving to a smaller house but the thought of what we had gone
through before moving to Ngong kept us off. It was in the midst of how to fill the empty
rooms in our big house that the thought of a Day care crossed our minds.

After a number of
weeks we agreed to share the empty rooms left behind by our boys with boys and girls from
any parent who will entrust their beloved children with us. We also agreed to join the
proposed Day care with a Nursery class to attract more parents.

It took my family several
weeks to find the name of our unborn baby but finally we settled on Greenyard Junior
School. According to the dictionary,’ Green’ means the color of growing grass, new or fresh.’
Yard’ means enclosed space near a house or building. In short Greenyard interprets to Fresh,
New or Growing in an enclosed space near buildings.

The words Junior and School are
common knowledge. As we all know, no one invites enemies to their house. I would like to
emphasize here that it takes love more than money or anything else to ask someone big or
small to share your home.

Looking back 22 years ago to me is just like yesterday. When I see the size of the children
mostly working in different spheres of life who were born in the same year with this school, I
am reminded that 22 years have quietly passes by leaving behind a trail of memories.

I vividly remember January 4 th 1993. It was a Monday unlike any other. This was the day that
the Lord had made. On that remarkable day, Tr. Jane Thumi woke up early in the morning
full of anxiety and fear and praying without ceasing all at the same time. We were hesitant to
look at the clock.

Without realization it was 8 o’clock. On that morning, five parents holding
smartly dressed Angels by hand walked up, down and sideways of Ngong Road to start their
learning life in the new environment full of love and from that day onwards, God’s blessings
started flowing like a river. I leave you to imagine the bliss we felt on that Monday when we
received the five pupils. In simple terms, the pupils made our day and anxiety/fear left
without notice. By the time we celebrated our first birthday in January 1994, close to 40
pupils had been admitted.

Suffice is to say that from the beginning to date, Greenyard has grown in all dimensions
namely physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and more so academically. I wish to stress
that out all round growth went hand to hand with more and more challenges relevant mostly
to school based institution. Initially, Greenyard was a pre-school whose Graduads went to
other schools. In January 1997, Greenyard parents and pupils stubbornly demanded class one.
Considering we did not have adequate primary facilities at the time, the challenge could only
be overcome by nothing short of prayers.

Frantic efforts to facilitate adequate primary classes
in the years that followed have been witnessed by many of our parents. By the grace of our
Lord all facilities are now in place. To cut a long story, our first candidates sat for K.C.P.E in
2004 and the results were like brain therapy to the Greenyard fraternity.

Our goal is to lovingly prepare and equip children to be happy and useful members of the
society. In order to be happy, Children must learn and accept the National values. To be
useful children must actively work hard not only for themselves but also towards the
maintenance and development of our society. We invite you to join us in our endeavor to
make a difference in our society in order to achieve our goal. We confess that we need all the
help we can get especially from parents.

We will forever be grateful to God as well as all Greenyard parents including those who have
left the school for one reason or another. I wish to encourage our current parents to continue
partnering with us in molding disciplined leaders of tomorrow.